About 2OO million years ago all the drylands on Earth were in one piece. The name of this supercontinent is Pangea.

The drylands began slowly to grow apart, becoming gradually the continents we know nowadays.

This concert offers a journey through the music of every continent, playing with the idea of getting reunited through the magic of sound

The show brings the listener closer to other cultures and sonorities and gets to be both inspiring and amusing.

All the music is original, composed by Abraham Cupeiro and María Ruiz.

The concert offers such diverse elements as the echoes of Oceania’s shells, the enigmatic melismas of the Hulusi from the remote mountains of China, the great plateaus of Northern America, Southern American jungles, the Peule flute from Senegal, the Bulgarian bagpipe, the defying Zurna and the evocative sound of the millenary karnyx.

All these sounding pictures together will fill the canvas where Pangea will be portraited.

The educational impact of the concert is enhanced by the use of tailored   images showed on the walls and an actor performance throughout the show ensures the active attention of the audience.

Amusement   is   guaranteed!

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