This workshop is the previous stage for the rest of Cupeiro´s projects (known by friends as Cupeiradas). There he recreates instruments from past times and sometimes comes up with new ones!

Since 2006, when he built a baroque trumpet from the scratch using just the technology available during the 17th century, his interest has kept growing. Together with María Ruiz, they keep searching for new challenges and visualizing an idealized past through instruments.

After the natural trumpet came the karnyx. It was built following the image on a roman coin. The result is an instrument of astonishing sonority and melodic possibilities.

The reasons to build new instruments can be very different from time to time

-Early music concerts

-Order from fellow musicians. This was the case with an order by Carlos Núñez, who wanted a recreation of the trumpets carved in stone in the Pórtico de la Gloria, at the Santiago Cathedral

-Soundtracks. Cupeiro was commissioned a piece to celebrate the anniversary of the Lugo Wall as World Heritage. For this work, he reconstructed a “cornu”, based on those found in Pompeii.

While working on old and new instruments, new ideas and instruments are born. That`s why the workshop is Abraham´s most cherished project.

He also enjoys co-operating with other artisan builders, like Antonio Franco and Lis Latas.

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